About Us

Financial Scope is a financial education company that provides a range of products and services but not limited to just educational in person or online products,  eBooks, online courses, seminars, and training videos. The mission of Financial Scope is to empower people to take control of their finances and pursue opportunities that increase their knowledge of finance and wealth along with practical steps to take to reach financial goals. This business specializes in financial literacy tools. Financial Scope is different from other companies because we offer specificity in how to achieve wealth while other companies are broad. Our business concentrates in detailed approaches to wealth for the average person and business.  

Our company is a newly founded start up and is working toward healthy rapid growth to expand. Currently,  we are looking for volunteers and interns who are seeking experience rather then compensation.  Marketing Interns (2-10+) (Nonpaid)

Financial Scope


We are looking for a marketing interns to join the company and provide creative ideas to help achieve company goals. You will have duties in developing and implementing marketing strategies. As a marketing intern, you will work independently with brief communication with workers of the company to ensure effective marketing campaigns. Your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our company visibility. This internship will help you acquire marketing skills and provide you with knowledge of various marketing strategies. Ultimately, you will gain broad experience in marketing and should be prepared to enter a difficult work environment.


Propose and create marketing campaigns for upcoming event(s)

Perform market research and develop marketing strategies that require no budget

Support the company’s marketing by daily tasks that contribute to increasing visibility

Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)

Prepare promotional presentations

Help distribute marketing materials

Help organize marketing events

Create a comprehensive summary of marketing strategies used at the end of the internship 



  • Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
  • Solid understanding of different marketing techniques
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Familiarity with marketing computer software and online applications (e.g. CRM tools, Online analytics and Google Adwords
  • Passion for the marketing industry and its best practices
  • Current enrollment in a related BS or Master’s degree