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Martize T. Smith
Financial Expert & Author 

When I started, it was confusing and frustrating. Today, i'm well financially educated and empower others to pursue wealth and prosperity. Currently, I am a business owner who consults, provides training and inspires.

My global mission is to provide specific proven methods that increase your financial literacy to act on opportunities that contribute to building wealth. Will you join my movement? 

*Double or triple your income in a year 
*Six figures in 5 to 7 years
*Fast start on wealth building techniques
*Lifetime access to resources at huge discounts 
*Conference calls 
*Lesson plans with practical steps 
*Will gain a high financial IQ
*Will be connected to other groups of business people 
*A detailed plan of action with forever support as you conclude training 

  To schedule a consultation please email; or call (336) 355-1048

Financial Freedom is possible and It starts here. 

Martize conducts seminars, web conferences, talks, and discussions on finance. He is compiling his new latest knowledge on financial education to be sent and published at major communication giants like Fox News, Huffington Post, TIME, SUCCESS, YAHOO, etc.  

To obtain true success has always and forever will be from knowledge and action 

Ready to grow your wealth and achieve  the success you deserve. I consult in these main areas: goal setting and execution, resource discovery,  finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, business scaling, credit & debt information, investments, international branding, innovation, and networking. I also do creative work and if none of the above interest you i develop costume designed options for you from the information you provide for me. 

To schedule a consultation please email; or call (336) 355-1048

These financial tools may not be right for you. Still trying to decide if you should consult with me and or buy the ebook. Lets use the Ben Franklin decision-maker method of observing pros and cons of a decision.

Here are a list of pros for the tools here: 100 reasons to be cash rich.

List as many negative or cons as you can about purchasing these tools then compare them.

Once done seems like you will have made your choice.

CONTACT ME OR MY ASSOCIATES: or my phone (336) 355 1048;
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Martize T. Smith is founder, President of Financial Scope. Since the founding of Financial Scope, Mr. Smith has focused on building an international brand, based on his compelling vision of “Empowering better financial literacy with the right financial tools and insights.” Under his leadership, the company has focused on its core financial education services business, developing future asset opportunities, delivering disciplined deployment, increasing business visibility along with establishing trust with the community, simplifying its organizational structure to better serve future customers by removing complexity, and empowering those who join the company. Prior to founding Financial Scope, Mr. Smith was a business development consultant at Oracle Incorporation where he assisted the business in identifying new emerging markets then establishing marketing campaign to acquire new business. He joined Oracle in 2015. Mr. Smith is a member of the Ralph Bunch Society which develops leaders for international environments. Mr. Smith is a published author and public speaker all while in the process of creating resources for the public that enhances personal development. 

Mr. Smith earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Saint Augustine’s University and currently at West Texas A&M University pursuing a Master of Science degree in Finance and Economics.

ebook:  This book outlines practical ways along with advice from proven methods that have helped ordinary people reach millionaire status as well as live a life of prosperity. Furthermore, things such as habits, routines, and actions needed to execute ways that help increase a person's net worth and improve one's entire financial environment will be included in this book. This book is meant to guide those in search of simple ways to get a quick start on working toward a better financial future. Methods in this book are universally sound and anyone of any social economic background can use this to get ahead in life. Additionally, this book also focuses on the approach to greatness, a person's vision, executing the vision, education, self-purpose, and having a major influence on others. Every concept or principal discussed in this book all lead toward wealth and prosperity. The number one way to increase a person's wealth is financial education, which is what this book delivers.

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